December 14, 2006

real politic

At the start of the month there was a little spat overt the shocking revolation that the US does real politic in its relationship with Britian. Well yes, of course it does. That is what all states are supposed to do, to maneuver to try and get the best possible deal for the citizens. That our own foreign office may have forgotten this does not change the fact every other country hasn't. This does not change the fact that a good relationship with the US is a good thing for us, nor does it change anything about our relationship with the EU.

Political maneuver might happen with most issues in the EU, but this is because most issues are simply decided and implemented by the bureacrats without any possibility of them being examined for how they will effect the interests of the people that they will be forced on and negotiated about. Sometimes an issue might be held back out side of EU control, such as fuel tax on boats, but eventually the bureacrats will get their hands on it and take it out of democratic control. This is one of the reasons that make the EU unreformable, it can never acheive proper subsidiarity because of the way that it has been constructed through the steady chipping away of power from it's members never to be returned under the principles of Aquis Communitaire. THe Aquis makes the talk of subsidiarity irrelivant as it does not and will never come into being as it against basic structures that created the EU.

However for the rest the same real politic happens as in any other international agreement, such as the current row over how Britian implements it's tax code so as to try and give rid of the fraud caused by the EU required VAT. But should Britian really have to negotiate as to how it implements it's internal taxation?


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